National Psychedelic Policy and Investment Conference
Hosted by Psychedelic Medicine Coalition in collaboration with Psychedelics Today
October, 2024, Washington, D.C.
The National Psychedelic Policy and Investment Conference is a two-day event focused on advancing public policies that integrate psychedelic medicine into our societal frameworks. With an emphasis on public policy, evidence-based research, and the role of public and private investment in psychedelic medicine, the conference will bring together a diverse range of stakeholders, including leading experts, policymakers, advocates, and investors.

The conference will feature investor-focused discussions, providing a platform for investors to connect with members of Congress and officials from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, National Institutes of Health, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Department of Health and Human Services. Join us in our nation's capital to be a part of this exciting and transformative event and help shape the future of psychedelic medicine.

More details coming soon!

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