Psychedelic Medicine Coalition envisions a healthy society in which psychedelic medicines are not only widely understood and respected but safely and legally used as treatment tools that are fully integrated into society. The journey of making this our reality begins by engaging our lawmakers and educating them on the history, research, power, and potential of psychedelic medicines.
Psychedelic Medicine Coalition engages policymakers at every level, from our neighborhoods to our nation's capital. Only when they see and hear firsthand how promising the research is and how life-changing their constituents' healing has been can we change how psychedelic medicines are regulated and treated in statute.


Psychedelic Medicine Coalition actively lobbies the federal government to create, protect, and promote safe, equitable access to natural and synthetic psychedelic medicines. Other roles include testifying at hearings, submitting appropriations requests, and working directly on legislation with Congress and even with members of the Presidential Administration.

Additionally, we host meetings, events, and briefings to connect and unite policymakers with different voices in the psychedelic space who are all working toward the same goal.

Washington, DC

Following Melissa’s success leading the Decriminalize Nature DC campaign and the passing of Initiative 81, Psychedelic Medicine Coalition is working closely with the Council of the District of Columbia, the Mayor’s Office, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the Office of the Attorney General to ensure proper implementation of the psychedelic policy.

Presidential Administration

We work directly with members of the Executive branch on legislation, policy, and information.


For too long, the narrative around psychedelics was inaccurate and misleading. We talk to members of Congress about the real benefit of psychedelics and how their action can spread healing across the nation.

Hosting Briefings

We connect the thought leaders across the psychedelic space. One of our main goals is to create a unified voice that helps to educate political decision makers on the reality of psychedelics.

Educational Advancement

PMC has also started working with area universities to create a pipeline for diverse leaders in the psychedelic space. By creating educational pathways that promote psychedelic medicine, PMC is looking to create the next generation of social workers, therapists, and advocates.

State and Local

Due to varied needs and legal frameworks, Psychedelic Medicine Coalition understands there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to passing psychedelic medicine reform in State and local jurisdictions. We draw on our experience, expertise, and broad networks across the country to use an analytical approach to support reforms around psychedelic medicines.

Meet and Greets

We aim to connect leaders in the psychedelic space with each other and individuals looking to learn more. To enact change, we need to unite the individuals working toward a common goal.

Testifying at Hearings

To change legislation, we need to change the perception of psychedelics. Part of that quest involves testifying at hearings to ensure the narrative around psychedelics is accurate and evidence based.

Submit Appropriation Requests

We work with lawmakers to ensure programs, services, and care have funding—and if they don’t, we work where to source appropriate funding. Healthcare costs are a top concern facing psychedelics, and we’re working to remove that barrier.

Work on Legislation

We work directly with lawmakers on the language and intent of new legislation. We focus on providing healing to more people and making sure each group has fair representation.

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